Biohazard Cleanup Calgary

Biohazard Cleanup Calgary

Cleaning a crime scene is no small feat. From disposing of off biohazards to restoring your belongings to their post-incident state, you need premier biohazard and forensic cleanup services.

The following is a brief overview of our services.  

Trauma Scene Cleanup

Trauma scenes are one of the messiest situations to handle. From clearing biohazards like blood to disposing of contaminated things, cleaners need to showcase utmost professionalism. This is where our top of the line trauma scene bio services come into the picture.

First, we assess the situation and prepare a report of things that can be salvaged and those that can’t.

Then, we move on to clean all the surfaces. Sanitization and deep cleaning take center stage in this step.

Finally, we either get rid of contaminated articles like clothing and carpets, or we remediate them.

The result is a scene that is spotless and free from all biohazards.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scenes are not a pretty sight to behold. Blood, bodily fluids, living tissue, excrement, the list of gory things you don’t want to see is extensive. But cleaning this mess is much worse.

So, removing these hazards in a way that ensures thorough cleaning and quick turnaround is a task that is better left to a leading biohazard cleanup company.

At Alberta Fire & Flood, we take all the necessary precautions before approaching a crime scene.

We know that handling a violent crime scene is quite different than cleaning up a meth lab. Our accredited industrial hygienists are experienced and well-equipped. They assess and eliminate all biohazards from any crime scene you can think of.

We are so good that even the authorities call us to resolve crime scenes they find.

To top it all off, we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any emergencies that you might have.

Sewage Cleanup

Contrary to the popular perception, a sewage backup is not only disgusting to look at, but it is also one of the hardest to clean. The number of factors a company has to take into account before attempting a sewage cleanup is staggering. But cleaning is only one part of the picture.

Sewage Backups are the causes of diseases like Hepatitis, and Diarrhea. Furthermore, they can also lead to other, more dangerous bacterial, and viral infections. And don’t get us started on the stench.

And so, when it comes to cleaning a sewage backup, we need to not only clean but also sanitize the scene. Sounds like a difficult job, right?

The more difficult a job, the better prepared we are. This is the reason why Alberta Fire & Flood is the best restoration company in Calgary. When we are done with your place, you won’t be able to tell there was a sewage backup in the first place.

If you have a nasty situation on your hand and are looking for Biohazard and crime scene cleanup services in Calgary, contact Alberta Fire & Flood for the best restoration services: 403 204 2259   

Biohazard Cleanup Calgary

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Biohazard Cleanup Calgary

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