Tank Removal Chicago

Tank Removal Chicago

The tank oil is an essential yet easily overlooked element in the home. Modern tank oils have a longer lifespan of about two decades but can last less depending on the surrounding factors. You can take several actionable steps to assess the state of the tank, even when it is too deep in the ground or has several decades on the property.

Signs it is time for Chicago underground storage tank removal


Underground tanks leaking in Chicago IL is a clear-cut sign you have a problem with the tank, and it needs immediate replacement. Unfortunately, most people are too late in identifying leaks with an underground tank but still have a chance for early detection if they use the right tools and strategies. You can do this by testing the soil around for contaminants and checking for signs of oil on the ground.

Typically, moisture will form at the top or bottom of the tank, depending on its placement. Long-term moisture deposits will eventually cause black-like deposits, which only lead to further damage.

Inaccurate fuel gauge

The oil gauge tells you how much oil is still in the tank. An inaccurate gauge may not function well and not tell you the proper readings even when you do not change the oil in the tank. Contact our team to investigate the team if you suspect a faulty gauge because it could mean you have a damaged fuel tank.

Physical damage

As mentioned earlier, the oil tank will deteriorate if it has too much moisture. The water and oil interact poorly with the tank and cause immediate serious issues like rust. It is time to remove and replace the tank if you want to maintain the excellent function and safeguard the vicinity from catastrophic damage.

Low oil levels

A leaking tank will lose oil and generally keep your oil level at an all-time low value. It would help if you had a general understanding of the amount of oil you use for a particular duration to better judge whether the oil is constantly low.

Is there a risk to avoiding tank removal in Chicago?

You set yourself up for a significant financial setback or excess damage when you forego replacing the tank. It will cost you considerably less to hire AQS Services to inspect and remove the tank. Uncontrolled leaks and continued physical damage will be detrimental to the environment and cause too much remediation in the surrounding properties. Do not be apprehensive about tank removal in Chicago because more than enough ways to give you a cheaper estimate, all while ensuring you will replace the tank.

How we initiate underground storage tank removal services in Chicago Illinois

You need to schedule underground storage tank services as soon as you notice the signs above of damage. We will arrive at your location with a complete kit of inspection tools to scan both ab underground or exposed oil tank. Our underground storage tank removal company performs scans throughout the property to identify possible hidden tanks in the home. We have generations of experience in similar projects and the focus to make the right choice no matter the age or condition of the tank. Contact us online or call 630-789-3345 for a 24/7 emergency response.

Tank Removal Chicago

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Tank Removal Chicago

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