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At Brisbane Pool Care we take the time to give you the best pool solutions on offer.Because we will always be a small scale, local company, you will always have consistent quality and professional, personal service. The person you speak to is the person who will be on-site and responsible for delivering all of your pool needs. Summer is a fantastic time in QLD to get into the pool with your family, but if you don’t have your pool checked by an expert it could cost your summer fun. Pool care is a vital part of owning a pool, and regular pool servicing is essential.

If you have a problem, we have the team with the solution, with over 50 years of combined experience in every aspect of swimming pools.

Our services include:

  • Green pool recovery
  • Pump repair or replacement
  • Filter repair and installation
  • Superior single service cleaning
  • Regular monthly or fortnightly pool cleaning and equipment servicing
  • New pool owner handover and on-site pool school
  • Chlorinator and cell replacement
  • Pool light inspection and repair
  • Auto pool cleaner supply and repairs

Take the Brisbane Pool Care test of excellence. Because we believe we can do the best job possible, give us a try: every new 4-weekly service customer will be eligible for a free regular service after their first 3 paid services. **chemicals not included**

Brisbane - Brisbane Pool Cleaners

Reliable, Regular Service

Keep your pool clean all year round with our reliable and trustworthy sevice. Save the need to clean your pool with a regular pool clean.

Locally Owned Small Business

When you choose Brisbane Pool Care you are supporting an independently owned local business.

Your #1 Pool Cleaning Specialist

Having exensive knowledge and understanding of what’s required to keep your pool clean sets us aside from our competition.

Pet Friendly Staff

Family pets are looked after with the greatest of care. We always shut gates behind us, both entering and leaving the property. We love your pets too and with regular servicing, they’re always excited when the pool tech calls in.

Free Instant Estimates

Save the hassle of having to meet multiple businesses at your property, we offer free online estimates regardless of the job size.


Even if you have been managing your pool servicing for years, you might want a pool professional to freshen up the water and check that everything is working as efficiently as possible.

New pool owners will benefit from our years of experience at pool maintenance. We will explain what each piece of equipment does, why that’s important and what you need to do to keep everything working perfectly to give you the maximum enjoyment from your swimming pool.

Party time soon?
We can take your pool from any shade of green to sparkling clean on those occasions when it gets away on you!

Our regular service clients know that we always show up when we say we will. It’s your home and we guarantee to keep your pool looking better than ever. This includes leaving no trace of chemicals around your pool, washing away any dirty footprints and disposal of pool leaves in appropriate bins.

Pool Cleaning

Pool Cleaning

Regular Service

Our technicians come every 4 weeks to clean your pool, ensuring it stays clean all year

Pool Pump Vector

Pool Pump Repair Service

Repairing Service

Is your pump not working how it used to? Get us in to have a look and repair your faulty pool pump

Pool Pump Vector

Pool Pump Servicing

Repair and Service

Pump running a little loudly or not performing well. Have our team service your faulty system 

Pool Pump

Pool Pump Replacement

Product Replacements

Did your pool pump stop working? With a range of options we can swiftly replace your broken pump

Pool Service Man

Pool Filter Replacement

Product Replacements

Is your pump working but is not cleaning your pool properly? It could be your filter. We stock a large range of pool filters compatible with any system

Pool Chlorinator

Pool Chlorinator Replacement

Product Replacements

A pool chlorinator is a device that automatically distributes chlorine into your pool. Our team specialises in pool chlorinator repairs and replacements

residential and Verified Pool Cleaner / Pool Maintenance Expert – Pool Cleaning Brisbane, QLD

If you would like to have your pool looking fantastic all year round but can’t always find the time to manage it, let our pool care servicing technicians take over the regular pool servicing of it for you.

We will take care of the three main elements of your pool health:

1. Water quality – the pool environment is a very dynamic system that is always changing. We will do comprehensive chemical analysis and balance your water to the optimum levels of Chlorine, pH and Alkalinity as well as checking that the hardness of the water is appropriate.

2. Equipment maintenance – just as the water dynamics are ever changing, so to then are the component settings required to keep it sanitised and ready to swim in. This includes checking chlorinator output and operating times, cell function, pump operation and basket and filter cleaning.

3. Leaf debris and algae control – the most obvious sign that your pool needs attention is the amount of foreign matter in the water. We will remove all leaves, branches, dirt and dust as well as treating unsightly algae on steps, corners and all part of the pool.

Regular Pool Cleaning

Our most common pool service is regular pool cleaning and almost all of our happy clients choose the 4 weekly service schedule.

This is on a Monday to Friday basis and we will coordinate with you to arrive at the most suitable time, on the day of your preference.

The first service is a good opportunity to meet with your new pool technician and get an orientation on what takes place during a service call. Once you are happy understanding this process, our technicians can then check all the equipment and point out any possible issues for repair or replacement of older or faulty items.

Filter Cleaning

Your filter is really the unsung hero of the beautiful clear water you enjoy. You don’t hear it working for you and it’s usually something unseen, or at least overlooked when it comes to regular pool maintenance. Leave it neglected for too long and things can go bad, and rapidly! Blocked filters can reduce flow through your pump, as well as your cell and impact greatly on the water circulation critical to a healthy swimming environment. Before too long, algae starts to form and then not long after, you have a very green pool. Whether you have a pull out cartridge filter or handle controlled media unit, Brisbane Pool Care will thoroughly clean your filter every time we service your pool. Guaranteed. Not cleaning filters is the short cut so many pool technicians use to save time. And you would never know – until it’s too late!

New Equipment Installation

The pool environment can be quite demanding on the equipment involved, with corrosive chemicals such as Chlorine, acid and salt. While we make sure your water is safe and sanitised, years of constant daily use can take it’s toll on pumps, Chlorinator cells and filters. Pool lights are another component that can suffer from exposure to water and salt.
Brisbane Pool Care can give you the best options for both repair and replacement of tired and worn pool equipment. In many instances, we can supply our own pumps to keep everything running as per normal while we work on fixing yours.
If your cell has stopped producing chlorine, we can help you organise a pool maintenance warranty claim or find a suitable replacement if the rest of the system is still working fine.
With years of experience, we will guide you to the most reliable options to suit your needs.

Full Pool Vacuum

The dirtiest part of the pool is always on the bottom of it. This is the most stagnant part of the water where dust, dirt, leaves, sticks and everything else ends up eventually. Auto pool suction cleaners can do a fantastic job at picking up the rubbish and sending it through the various baskets and via the pump, into the filter – when they are working well. These operate when the pump is running only, and the many different kinds of cleaners deliver varying results.
There’s also robotic cleaners which are manually operated and require manual cleaning after use. They get often achieve far better coverage of the pool, but require more attention.
The best way to clean the dust and debris from your pool is by manual vacuuming. Brisbane Pool Care will manually vacuum all parts of your pool where other cleaners miss. Not even robotic cleaners will do the steps and benches around your pool! What’s even better about our manual vacuum service is – we then clean the filter after all the dirt has been put through it, removing all the rubbish out from the system and crystal clear water for you to enjoy!


Jason repaired my pool pump on the spot and it didn’t cost me an arm or a leg. His also quoted me on repairing my solar pool pump as well. The solar service people only quoted me for a new one! Overall I’m really happy with Jasons pool maintence service and he is a lovely guy as well, with good old fashion values! 👍🏽😁

Samanthra Williams 

 Over winter I neglected my swimming pool maintenance and it went green. I was unsure how to fix it myself so hired the professional pool cleaners at Brisbane Pool Care. Jason was on time, very friendly and his Brisbane pool maintenance knowledge was exceptional. He had all of the required cleaning equipment and did a fantastic job. My pool went from being a green smelly mess, to crystal blue right in time for summer! Thanks Jason 🙂

Mikayla Butterworth

Jason is great, highly recommend. Always clearly communicates what he’s doing in the most cost effective and efficient way. Friendly and on time. Has our pool looking sparkling!

Erica McCreedy

Pool Pump Servicing

Regular Pool Cleaning and Maintenance in Brisbane

Our 4 week pool cleaning service will keep your pool clean all year round.

Pool Pump Replacement Services

Pool Pump Replacement Services

We replace and repair pool pumps. Get in touch today for a free quote.

Pool Chlorinator Replacement Services

Is your pool chlorinator broken? Let us take a look today!

Pool Filter Replacement

Pool Filter Replacement

Brisbane Pool Care will repair or replace your faulty pool filter.

Pool Service and Pool Care QLD

Need advice? Request a call with our QLD servicing team

How much does it cost to have your pool cleaned?
The cleaning service cost in Brisbane will usually range between $80-$140 depending on the amount of chemicals used. A green pool recovery can cost 2-3 times that and much more if the water has to be drained for an acid wash.
Regular servicing keeps the cleaning price down as there are fewer additives required because the pool is in more stable state of chemical balance. It’s also a good way to prevent your pool from going green and costing you more money to get right again.
What is Full Service pool Cleaning
Full service pool cleaning addresses all aspects of your pool’s ongoing health in Brisbane. Including the leaf litter removal, baskets and filter cleaning, sanitisation system maintenance and programming, auto pool cleaner servicing and repair and importantly, ensuring the water is clean, clear, safe and ready to swim in.
How Often Should You Service Pool?
Most pool owners will have a pool professional service their pool at least once a month. 
Even during winter it is still important to have regular monthly visits to remove Autumn leaves, adjust the operating hours of equipment to meet the lower demand for chlorine production and check everything is still working, even though the pool isn’t getting much use. 
Over the peak summer period and around the end of year holidays, servicing can be increased to fortnightly visits to meet the higher demands of regular pool use and pool parties.


What Chemicals do you use?
Because most Australian pools have a saltwater chlorination system, chlorine is usually only added when there has been insufficient production.
The more common chemicals added regularly include: hydrochloric acid, sodium bicarbonate, calcium, cyanuric acid, salt and occasionally a rare earth compound liquid to remove phosphate build up in the water profile. High levels of algae growth sometimes require the addition of a copper based treatment. 

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