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Swimming pool pumps generally comprise on an AC or Dc motor that propels water from the suction line of your pools. Moreover, if we look deeper into the mechanism of a pool pump, it allows the water to pass through the filtration system by heating methods before returning to the pool body.

Sometimes, you`ll face problems due to the stagnation of water inside the pool. This can become hazardous for your health. This is because it can give birth to algae and attract mosquitoes that nourish and reproduce inside the water. Even a slight change in the working condition of pumps indicates leakage at some point.

So before getting yourself into trouble, make sure to call for professional help for your swimming pool pump repairs by diagnosing worn-out parts, screeching bearings etc. It is always necessary to get to the root cause of the problem. Brisbane Pool Care offers various services, from replacing the worn-out pool pumps to repairing them and making them as good as new.

Pool Care Brisbane offer services that lie in the following category:



Leaking Pool Pump repairs


Unusual sounds made by the pool pump


Dropped water quality


Electrical problems with the motor etc


Blown capacitors


Blocked impellers

We provide all kinds of services for the pool pump repairs. Let it be Onga, Waterco, Pentair, Zodiac or any other brand out there. Our team is highly skilled in resolving such problems by carefully diagnosing the affected area where the service is required.


Maintenance Services For Pool Pumps and Repair


We highly recommend having your pool pump checked once in three to four years to ensure its performance, with regular repairs completed when required, to avoid the expense of replacement altogether. Usually, there are two kinds of pool pump repairs services: mechanical seal services and wet end services.

It is imperative to mention that one must always be aware of the services they are acquiring, and which parts are getting replaced. This helps in foreseeing the longevity of the repaired part. Ensure not to spend too much on repair when there is some other new product with a warranty.

However, hire a skilled professional to perform such a task and has prior knowledge as well. For that reason alone, we offer a trustworthy system for which you can sit back and relax while our repairperson does the job for you.

How Does The Pump Function?



After the water leaves skimmers and main drains, it flows right into the pumps. It provides and regulates the suction and pressure of water inside the pool. A fully functional pump circulates the water in about eight hours.

Suction Side

This part is responsible for carrying the water from the pool towards the pool pump.


Pressure side

The pressure side is responsible for carrying water away from the pump and back to the pool.

To ensure the right size of the pump, calculate the number of litres it circulates in the pool in eight hours. If the net value is the same for eight straight hours, and can move the number of litres within the time limit, then it`s the right option for you.

Our services and expertice includes:

Pool pumps repair, replacement and servicing, cleaning pool pump, chemicals treatment, spa cleaning, chlorinator replacement and cleaning. All of our technicians have spare parts for the leading brands of pool equipment. Repair or replace your faulty parts today!

Happy Customers

Jason repaired my pool pump on the spot and it didn’t cost me an arm or a leg. His also quoted me on repairing my solar pool pump as well. The solar service people only quoted me for a new one! Overall I’m really happy with Jasons pool maintence service and he is a lovely guy as well, with good old fashion values! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜

Samanthra Williams

Β Over winter I neglected my swimming pool maintenance and it went green. I was unsure how to fix it myself so hired the professional pool cleaners at Brisbane Pool Care. Jason was on time, very friendly and his Brisbane pool maintenance knowledge was exceptional. He had all of the required cleaning equipment and did a fantastic job. My pool went from being a green smelly mess, to crystal blue right in time for summer! Thanks Jason πŸ™‚

Mikayla Butterworth

Jason is great, highly recommend. Always clearly communicates what he’s doing in the most cost effective and efficient way. Friendly and on time. Has our pool looking sparkling!

Erica McCreedy

Summing up into a more brief section, the faster you get your worn-out pool pump treated, the less damage it’ll suffer. This will also save you the hassle of spending lots and lots of money to get it fully functional again.

Whereas, you can hire us and let us help you through this matter in the best way possible. If you feel your pool pump is clogged and makes such weird noises, now is the time to call a professional.

Why Is My Pool Pump Loud?

Sometimes, you may find your pump too loud when it makes screeching noises. This can be due to the built-in bearings, often rusty inside the motor as their protective layer wields off. This causes pump hums, which becomes an obstruction to the motor shaft from fusion or turning.


Nevertheless, if we look in-depth, this issue arises due to the capacitor. Therefore, it does not get enough power to jump-start; instead, it starts making a loud noise.

How Do I Know If The Pool Pump Needs To Be Repaired?

Certain factors lead to the conclusion of getting your pool pump checked by a professional. Such signs include strange noises, water or air leakage, poor water quality, incomplete water circulation, electrical problems etc.


If any of these parts get affected, it may lead to the aging of your pool pump more vigorously. Therefore, when any of the signs start appearing, reach out to the professionals, as we are here to offer every possible solution that is cost-effective as well as time-effective for your pool problems.

How To Get Extra Swim Time From Your Pool?

There are various options in the market; however, with the help of professional and skilled handypersons, our team has gathered quite effective techniques to make your pool time even more interesting. The heating system is necessary to regulate the pool water temperature up to an optimum level so that you can dive into a delightful experience even in the summers and winters.



If any of these parts get affected, it may lead to the aging of your pool pump more vigorously. Therefore, when any of the signs start appearing, reach out to the professionals, as we are here to offer every possible solution that is cost-effective as well as time-effective for your pool problems.

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