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Brisbane Pool Service is a small business based in Mount Gravatt East that specialises in Pool Cleaning, Pump repairs, and installations, as well as other pool-related jobs including pool water cleaning etc. More to this, we are providing maintenance services at your doorstep, which is just one call away.ย 


With our highly skilled and professional team, unlike any other in Brisbane, we tend to comfort you and help you get a good experience in your pools. Whether you need equipment installation or to maintain the cleanliness of the pool, we are here to lend you a helping hand. Moreover, our technical team can help you in repairing broken pumps and give you valuable advice for your pool maintenance.

Highly Professional and Trained Staff



Regular Pool Maintenance Service

To ensure a clean water environment, regular and pool servicing or cleaning is required. We provide regular cleaning service for you. We begin with cleaning debris and gunk from the water and collecting the floating waste. The remaining sediments to the bottom of the pool. Beginning with cleaning eases the vacuum process. It prevents any blockage that may occur due to the collection of debris in the vacuum system. Our regular pool cleaning service is affordable and essential for homes as well as commercial pools.



Fixing The Problems

Regular use of the pool pump may give rise to the need for maintenance. By using our expertise, we will resolve all the issues of the pool pump. With the capability to both repair or replace your pool pump, our technical staff will arrive at your doorstep and resolve any issues that might have arose.


Pool Chlorination System

Checking and keeping the balance of chemicals level is a must-do thing. We provide you with the facility of chemical and chlorine level checks in the water. Our highly trained staff checks all levels of chemicals and salt so that the safe level is maintained.


Frequently Asked Questions

What pool care services do you offer?

Brisbane Pool Care offers various services. Such as regular or once-off services, mobile pool equipment repairing service, equipment upgrade, pool maintenance, water testing, chlorination, checking the pool`s chemical balance, pool cleaning etc.

Are you licensed?

Yes, we are licensed by QBSA and hired a highly skilled and professional staff for such services. Moreover, we take pool safety precautions very seriously.ย 

What do you have for the pools in cold weather?

We offer pool heating solutions primarily in cold weather. Heat pumps, solar heating, and pool blankets are usually ubiquitous, for that matter. Similarly, we offer all pool-related equipment at a handsome budget and make your pool look new.ย 

Only the Highest Quality Work

Happy Customsers

We just had our pool cleaned by Jason. I loved how professionally and efficiently they evaluated all the aspects themselves and gave us the best advice. Then as per our requirements, they carried out all the cleaning and maintenance by using chlorinator and other equipment. I thought it would take too long, but they did it very fast. Because of them, we were able to enjoy our beautiful evening with a relaxing swim. Thank you.

Simone Jones

I am a working woman, so mostly I donโ€™t have enough time because a lot of mess was created in my pool. I got them recommended by my friend. And now here it is, my crystal clear pool all set for swimming with the help of this amazing team of pool cleaners.

Paul Stephenson

I was always scared as I had already experienced Jackie (my pet dog) running away once when the pool care service team arrived at my doorstep. That team scared him off, as they were very rude to him. So now I wanted someone to be friendly and good with dogs as I didn`t want him to run away again.

My neighbour recommended this company , based in Mount Gravatt East, and said some nice things about them. So I hired them for my swimming pool cleaning service, and I was amazed as they turned out to be so professional and highly skilled as well as friendly with the dogs. Highly appreciate their work and recommend this to you guys as well.ย 

Janette Waterson

Licensed & INsured

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